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We have unsold room nights at the beautiful All-Inclusive Caribbean resorts. You need to raise money for your non-profit organization? Let’s work together to make the world a better place!

For over 20 years, Elite Island Resorts has helped thousands of non-profits raise Millions of Dollars. Imagine offering your donors Vacation Certificates to some of the Caribbean’s most popular and picturesque All-Inclusive beachfront resorts.

Vacation Certificates are often the most desirable and talked-about offerings at Fundraising Events across the county. From live events to silent auctions and raffles, a fantastic Caribbean vacation is a compelling offer for big donations!

Most importantly, this highly effective Fundraising Program is at ZERO COST to your non-profit, and your non-profit retains 100% of the fundraising proceeds.

Raise Money for your Non-Profit Today with Elite Island Resorts. Zero Cost to You & You Keep 100% of the Fundraising Proceeds

How Does it Work?


Simply call a member of the Charitable Contributions Team at 866-611-5081 or 954-426-8733, or email us at: fundraising@eliteislandresorts.com


We will send you our beautifully designed Fundraising Kit, valued at over $25,000, for your next fundraising event. Kits are available in both electronic and hard copy formats.


Our Fundraising Kit includes Vacation Certificates, Event Display Flyers, Bidding Sheets, and simple instructions for Fundraising Managers and your Donors. These materials are ready for you to use and display immediately at your next fundraiser.


Your Donors will bid on these Vacation Certificates, and the winners receive a uniquely numbered Certificate that they can use to book an amazing All-Inclusive Caribbean getaway.  Each Vacation Certificate allows the winning Bidder to book up to three rooms or villas for up to six  guests (depending on the type of accommodations your Donor desires). The accommodations are FREE, and your Donor simply pays a nightly all-inclusive supplement to cover their food and beverage during their stay. All resort activities, like water sports, sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, tennis, pickle-ball, volleyball, entertainment and more are fully INCLUDED!


Your non-profit keeps 100% of the fundraising proceeds, and your Donor enjoys a fantastic All-Inclusive Caribbean Vacation.


Participating Resorts

We look forward to working with and your valued donors.

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